Friday, June 13, 2014

Some thoughts can only bear a certain degree of scrutiny.  Some are only consistent with a limited range of modality, recoverable only to a certain frame of mind.   Who is so wise that they can truly claim to understand the nascent poetry of the preadolescent love?  Certainly not they, we dare smirk, before turning gravely to our own more weighty affairs.

I had an experience of something like the converse of this.  Rather like the spring of love to the turpitude of sniggers, or the edifice of abstraction to the shattering of the syllogism,  I felt the the shame of imperfected art become the shame of Nakedness in eden.  How sublime is that discovery which is sin.

On the theme, I have risen, restless like an open balloon, doomed.  I figured I might as well splutter something before my grave, and so I followed my brothers advice, and lived for a while longer, sat down to write.
Unread, but rewritten, crossed out, emended and hence rambling attempt to articulate the meaning my recent, near perfect attempotaine at self-destruction, I had begun with a fable.  It was a story of how innocence serves mortal life, just like Christ perfected the fallen innocence of Eve and Adam. 

As with many mediocre fables, it ended with a… literation.  An explaination, which I hewed out of the crumbling stone of my mind.  So preoccupied, I became like a wandering story teller, who in his senility turns a tale of candied houses into one of savage rape.  The hollow purposes sated, I knew it was time to put down the pen.

Yet I turned for one glance at what remained of my intent.

HA!  I said with vindication.  A pillar of salt.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

End project of unearned implixcit degree belt.

Polyester rope
3//4 inch

kevlar rope

Static ropes
Low stretch ropes
Kevlar dupoint.
HMPE, Aramids, and LCP: These are all generic fiber types. HMPE refers to Dyneema or Spectra; Aramids refer to Kevlar, Technora and Twaron, while LCP refers to Vectran. These are all considered very high performance fibers exhibiting very high strength and extremely low stretch but come with a high price tag. Generally found on very serious racing sailboats and larger yachts for running rigging.

Stantard 2600 lbpd.drop.elipses... .

Thursday, May 29, 2014

And the steel mug was affixed  to a hardened mass of milk.  Once it is established that it has been gripped hard enough to pull it from the goo - not a good deal of strength necessary, only the probity of grasping the handle or body firmly.

The conductivity detectors which taste the acrid currents of human sweat. It notes the effect of grasping the glass, with sub-sensible levels of electrical activity. 

Then an enormous current passes through the cup and through the aqueous moisture of the hands, and blown through nails on window panes and leave a blasted, roiling stew of rubber boots.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The fields around the Glenmore Reservoir  are carefully tended, level fields of grass.  The mosquitoes are an endless, continuous cloud.  Millions and millions and millions of them.  They have no trouble whatsoever moving at walking speed.  It is their natural cadence.

They have not begun biting this early in spring, although of course will take a taste if given inducement.  But if they were in the biting season, we would have been covered by a grey veil slowly tinting red.

Endless endless waves of mosquitoes.  They will all be dead this time next year.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Definition in the better Dictionaries: Bigotry: "the appalling frenzy of the indifferent."

Friday, March 21, 2014

So deep a malice

 This post as all are under construction.  

-In this case, I intend to render thes (of Milton's many monumental) passages to reflect the normal cadence of modern reading, enter line breaks as more closely corresponding to commas. It would be a shame if the editing history is not recorded, but henceforce all emendations are to be dated with respect to the original timestamp Today 2014-04-28

"“Thrones and Imperial Powers, Offspring of Heaven,
Ethereal Virtues! or these titles now
Must we renounce, and, changing style, be called
Princes of Hell? for so the popular vote
Inclines—here to continue, and build up here
A growing empire; doubtless! while we dream;        315
And know not that the king of Heaven hath doomed
This place our dungeon—not our safe retreat
Beyond his potent arm, to live exempt
From Heaven’s high jurisdiction, in new league
Banded against his throne, but to remain        320
In strictest bondage, though thus far removed,
Under the inevitable curb, reserved
His captive multitude. For He, be sure,
In highth of depth, still first and last will reign
Sole king, and of his kingdom lose no part        325
By our revolt, but over Hell extend
His empire, and with iron sceptre rule
Us here, as with his golden those in Heaven,
What sit we then projecting peace and war?
War hath determined us and foiled with loss        330
Irreparable; terms of peace yet none
Voutsafed or sought; for what peace will be given
To us enslaved, but custody severe,
And stripes and arbitrary punishment
Inflicted? and what peace can we return,        335
But, to out power, hostility and hate,
Untamed reluctance, and revenge, though slow,
Yet ever plotting how the Conqueror least
May reap his conquest, and may least rejoice
In doing what we most in suffering feel?        340
Nor will occasion want, nor shall we need
With dangerous expedition to invade
Heaven, whose high walls fear no assault or siege,
Or ambush from the Deep. What if we find
Some easier enterprise? There is a place        345
(If ancient and prophetic fame in Heaven
Err not)—another World, the happy seat
Of some new rave, called Man, about this time
To be created like to us, though less
In power and excellence, but favoured more        350
Of Him who rules above; so was His will
Pronounced among the gods, and by an oath
That shook Heaven’s whole circumference confirmed.
Thither let us bend all our thoughts, to learn
What creatures there inhabit, of what mould        355
Or substance, how endued, and what their power
And where their weakness; how attempted best,
By force or subtlety. Though Heaven be shut,
And Heaven’s high Arbitrator sit secure
In his own strength, this place may lie exposed,        360
The utmost border of his kingdom, left
To their defence who hold it: here, perhaps,
Some advantageous act may be achieved
By sudden onset—either with Hell-fire
To waste his whole creation, or possess        365
All as our own, and drive, as we are driven,
The puny habitants; or, if not drive,
Seduce them to our party, that their God
May prove their foe, and with repenting hand
Abolish his own works. This would surpass        370
Common revenge, and interrupt His joy
In our confusion, and our joy upraise
In His disturbance; when his darling sons,
Hurled headlong to partake with us, shall curse
Their frail original, and faded bliss—        375
Faded so soon! Advise if this be worth
Attempting, or to sit in darkness here
Hatching vain empires.” Thus BeĆ«lzebub,
Pleaded his devilish counsel—first devised
By Satan, and in part proposed: for whence,        380
But from the author of all ill, could spring
So deep a malice